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A Global Electronic Digital/
Biometric/ Dictatorial Police State Prison

"For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly,
shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up,
saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch"

―Malachi 4:1


-Global Biometric Police State
-Big Brother/1984
-The Penopticon
-Spy and Surveillance Cameras
-666-Mark of the Beast
-Police State Prison
-Surveillance Drones
-TSA/Transportation Security Agency
-RFID Chips
-Fingerprint, Facial, Palm and Iris Biometrics
-Prison Industrial Complex
-Military Industrial Intelligence Security Complex
-Revelations 13
-Background and Drug Tests/Employment
-Radiation Scanners and Patdowns
-4th Amendment/Illegal Searches and Seizures
-National Security Agency (NSA)
-GCHQ (UK) and Mossad (Israel)
-Full Spectruum Dominance
-Highway Checkpoints
-License Plate Readers
-Google, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon FORCED phone numbers for accounts
-Fingerprint ID cards
-Biometric ID travel requirements
-E-Verify/US Dept of Homeland Security
-Global Nazi 4th Reich
-StingRay Cell Towers (illegal)
-QR (quick response) Bar Codes
-GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Satellite Location Tracking
-The Global Brain
-Artificial Intelligence (AI)
-ONEWEB, SpaceX, Iridium Low Earth Orbiting Satellite Network (thousands of satellites projected)
-5G (5th generation) Mobile Internet Wireless Network
-The Internet of Things
-Quantum Computers


“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” – Psalms 9:17

To any asute observer, the world is rapidly slipping into highly organized and insidious levels of evil and debauchery, the pinnacle of which will be economic.

A digital, cashless, cloud computer based global economic system is rapidly in formation and will culminate into what is known in Holy Scripture as the dreaded, Mark of the Beast (see Revelations 13).

In such as system, all forms of paper and metal cash and currency will be eliminated- that includes gold and silver. What will emerge will be a cashless, computerized system of buying and selling controlled by a ruthless, dictatorial global JEWISH central banking cartel based in the European Union.

Instantaneous global communications, with the internet as its backbone, will become the hub through which this hellish/beast system will operate from. Already, a prison/police state infrastructure has formed worldwide, complete with the installation and operation of ubiquitous surveillance cameras in nearly all of our public and private businesses and institutions.

The TSA (Transportation Security Agency), a division of the US Dept of Homeland Security in the USA, is conducting ILLEGAL searches and seizures of persons and property at our airports in direct violation of the 4th amendment which protects US citizens from such police state oppression. As long as Americans submit to this level of police state tyranny, it will persist. Non-cooperation with these nazi gestapo tyrants will bring their authority, madness, insanity and intrusion to an end.

Illegal searches and seizures of cell phone, internet communications and GPS location movements are also now already being carried out and cached by international intelligence centers- The NSA, GCHQ, Mossad etc- and most private/ corporate telecommunications providers. These businesses and government institutions are completely violating individual personal privacy rights and are illegally establishing consumer, medical, psychological, criminal police state dossiers and biometric profile databases on nearly every person on Earth without their knowledge, permission or consent. What has emerged is a global, fascist, mafia/military based demonic nazi police state- a new global 4th reich- hell-bent on tracking, monitoring, spying, surveiling and controlling everything and everyone on Earth. The people who fund, run and operate this system are pathologically and psychotically insane, demonically possessed and satanically inspired control freaks of the highest order.

As per holy scripture, a “mark” will soon be put on one’s right hand or forehead, without which, one will NOT be able to buy nor sell. To the upright and righteous: DO NOT submit nor take this mark, for it is designed to DAMN the souls of the wicked. All who take the mark WILL be cast into Hell Fire at the Judgement. To all the nazi, fascist, police state filth who install, support and operate this hellish, militarized system of enslavement, surveillance, control and manipulation, i have one word of advice for you: TAKE THE MARK (and you WILL take the mark) and DAMN your souls forever into the inferno of Hell. Punished and in torment you will be for the rest of eternity for the CRIMES you have all willfully and maliciously committed. To all concerned, rest assured, this hellish control freak fascist police state Penopticon will be completely CRUSHED out of existence at the Judgement, never to rise again.

The Great Bifurcation is here. Those who submit and those who DO NOT submit to the coming mark of the beast. To those who submit: its time to DAMN your souls and be BURNED ALIVE in eternal Hell-Fire for the rest of eternity- a most fitting recompense. To those who DO NOT submit, i offer you my strength, honor and perseverance for the coming time of great tribulation upon the Earth. Great will be your reward in Heaven, for it is YOU who will triumph in the world to come.

Jesus Christ is coming back in FLAMING FIRE.

The Luciferian rebellion is over.


Jonas the Prophet
Death Valley, California

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